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I cant wait for the new sessions i am fanatic of Mounir 🙂 !

Theodoros Michael

Cyprus, Limassol, @Mask_Hair_Salon_

Thank you very much for the quality knowledge! I gained a lot of knowledge thanks to you! Now I’m not afraid of anything!


Finland, @peti_color

Thank you so much it was very helpfull.


Italy, @tendenze_p

Thank you Munir for the full alignment. I’m not afraid to create my own formula, and with your advice I’ll be much more attentive to each strand for maximum effect. thank! I liked all the videos and especially the last two models with a very beautiful color and light technique. thanks to you, I love what I do even more! Thank you Munir, my dream is to get to your salon and practice. I wish you health and success in everything!

Zalina Fiala

Slovakia, @3alusha/

Absolutely amazing class learnt lots of new tricks can’t wait to use your products


UK, @Citylookssalon

I am very happy to watch Munir Video and benefit from it every step of the way.Thank you Mounir!



Really fabulous results

Melinda Mason

UK, @melindamollhair

The first session was great is the one he does a total bleach from dark red to a blonde!

Elena Katerelou

Ukraine, @el.beautysalon

Mounir Education, online training course is the best thing i have ever invested in. Amazing hair transformations delivered to you in such detail. Thank you so much

Aqsa Ahmed

United Kingdom, @_finessebeauty__

Finally! It was dream come true to get certified by you, I just cannot believe this has happened for real! Thanks a lot for introducing this new concept. Thank you so much!



It is an extraordinary experience!It is truly a blessing for my life to have the opportunity in this difficult time for the world, to be able to learn the techniques and knowledge of the best Stylist in the world.Thanks MOUNIR for this online master class. Since I will be able to provide better services in my Salon. Blessings !!!

Selene Barco Vicente

GUATEMALA, @elsalondeselene

I love it! its such a amazing class thank you mounir


USA, @Dianahairart

Wonderful work , i love too much


France, @Nissanissa355

Just wanted to say after watching today’s series. It was amazing Thank you so much. I would love to meet Mounir himself one day and thank him for his amazing talent that he is sharing with us.


United Kingdom, @_finessebeauty__

Loved every minute

Dalal Kassem

Australia, @Dalalkassemhair

With salon based in Serbia and myself currently in KSA I have to say that Mounir fulfilled all expectations in solving problems for all of my clients here and back at home as well!


Saudi Arabia, @katarina_bjelos

Mounir online education really helps my hair coloring skills, thank you for sharing this technique to us.



It was very helpful and I always enjoy learning new techniques and important transformation step.Looking forward to watch many more videos from you!!!

Myria Kyriacou

Cyprus, @elegance.myria

So bad ass !!!! thank you!

Richard Canales

USA, @richard@kuthaus

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