Istanbul Masterclass

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Experience the Istanbul Online Masterclass NOW and get to learn from the Godfather of Hair Design himself everything you need to know, starting from the most basic hair designing technique up to creating, maintaining and advancing a successful business.

From the Online Masterclass with Mounir you will learn:

Hair Transformation Techniques:

The Online Masterclass will teach you everything you need to know to achieve drastic hair transformations, starting from the most basic hair transformation techniques to the most complex ones that feel almost impossible to achieve.

During the Online Masterclass you will learn how to choose the right color and cut for your client. Choosing the right combs and products for each transformation and achieving radiant healthy hair colors. You will also learn how to avoid multi tone hair coloring and color fading after shower. Getting the appropriate bleaching level without damaging the hair is a must. You also won’t miss drastic hair transformations like going from black to blond, tape-in extensions and trendy haircuts. 

Business Advancement:

The  Online Masterclass will teach you everything you need to know to start, develop and maintain your own business. Mounir will share with you his own experience and guide you through the journey of success.

During the Online Masterclass you will become part of the journey to success. You will also get to meet the fundamental pillars to start a successful business such as Mounir Group. Maintaining and expanding your business will be included with the best tips given by the Master himself, Mounir.

Moreover, you will get to learn a lot more from: the Q&A Segment; the Interviews with Mounir’s Team Members; the Interviews with Mounir’s Partners, and the Experience Sharing.

And to top all that, YOU GET CERTIFIED upon completion and have LifeTime access to the videos.

Course Syllabus

Enter the ONLINE Mounir Masterclass World NOW, get to learn from the Master and live a life changing experience.

Detailed Syllabus


  • Learn about the Mounir Group
  • Maintaining a successful business
  • The three fundamental pillars on which the Mounir Group was built on
  • Mounir’s notion of the hair designing profession
  • Mounir’s way of thinking in terms of business and family
  • Opening and expanding your own hair salon
  • The importance of teamwork
  • The importance of presenting impeccable services to your clients
  • Controlling fear and distress when handling your clients
  • Journey to success, the ways and patterns that’ll pave the way for success
  • Words of empowerment from the Master himself

Hair Designing:

  • The Art of Hair Transformations
  • Deciphering the looks of your client to help you decide the transformation you want to achieve
  • Choose the best cut and color for your clients
  • Working with thick or thin hair strands
  • Achieving and implementing luminous, strong, visible and radiant hair colors and not faint or faded results
  • Tips on avoiding the hair color from fading after a couple of showers
  • 4 Hair Transformations live on stage
  • 2 Toner Applications live on stage
  • High Ombre Transformation
  • Going from Black to Blonde in one sitting
  • De-colorating the hair with a healthy result
  • Reaching a lighter level than the orange color without damage
  • The best bleaching tips for healthy hair results
  • Learning when to take the decision to bleach black-dyed hair
  • Choosing the appropriate bleaching level
  • Various timings for bleaching
  • Discover the different ways of achieving a clear bleaching level (one tone)
  • The different bleaching degrees that Mounir uses
  • Fixing bleaching degree mistakes
  • Learn how to know your tools and how they help you define the transformation
  • Using aluminum foil when bleaching and when to avoid it
  • Different methods of back combing
  • Mounir products and how they’ve helped Mounir
  • Insights on the incredible shampoos MTB & MMS
  • Explanation on the “powder – peroxide” ratios and when to use 1+1 or 1+1.5
  • Different toner application techniques, from formulas to strategies
  • Getting rid of multi tones in one hair color
  • The secret solution to remove the unwanted pink, grassy or gray colors
  • Methods on preventing the formation of lines
  • Various divisions of the hair
  • Flash Technique
  • Common mistakes and how to fix them
  • Extension Transformation, the tremendous beauty effect and the financial benefits
  • Taping Tape-in Extensions, specifications and density for an unparalleled look

Benefit from Q & A Segment:

  1. If the client did not expose the truth of a previous procedure that did her hair wrong, consequently the hair designer fell into a mistake and burned the hair off the client. What to do?
  2. If the hair designer receives a client with a black-dyed hair, the hair designer wouldn’t work on her hair. She would send her home or advise her to keep cutting her black-dyed hair until she gets rid of it. Can I do something else?
  3. When we have a de-coloration process, can we use different peroxide levels?
  4. What type of videos should I use on my social media to gain more followers and interaction?
  5. When to use each volume of peroxide?
  6. When do we start the bleaching process from the front and go backwards?
  7. If I want to do the de-coloration process in three phases, how many times can I use peroxide vol. 30?
  8. How exactly should I use the ARKITEKT, that is the plex?
  9. How long would tape-in extensions last?
  10. Are there any tools to prevent the tape in extensions from falling off? PLUS, A LOT MORE.

You will also benefit from: Interviews with Mounir’s Team, Interviews with Mounir’s Partners, Audience sharing their experience.

And to top this all, you GET CERTIFIED UPON COMPLETION and have Life Time access to the videos.

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